Sunday, May 27, 2007

Nathan Petrelli's Victory Speech:

One of my better speeches.

A landslide! That's what they called it! During my campaign I spoke a lot about family. My mother is here tonight, my wife, and the boys. I'm sorry my brother can't be with us. But I know Peter cares about this city more than anyone. Our father always said we had a responsibility to use what God gave us, to help others, to make a real difference in the world. Pop believed in making the hard choices, for the greater good. So do I. Our children deserve that. They deserve a better future. A future where they don't have to face their fears alone, but can look into the darkness, and find hope. I challenge everyone here to inspire by example. To fight the battle, no matter the cost. The world is sick. It's spinning out of control. But with our help... it can heal. With our love, compassion, and strength. So let's put aside our differences, and embrace our common goals. Let's do it for our children. Let's show them all what we're capable of.

Friday, May 25, 2007

A Msg from your Ghostly Congressman

Those of you who have been keeping track of the Last Gladiator Standing Challenge may already be aware of my new friend Hana. She helped me post to that blog and now she is helping me with this one. My ghostly hands are having trouble typing, and Hana has been a great source of help for me. You can check it out here if you like.

Anyway, Hana has been able to help me get the make-out music off of my site, but she liked the Bushisms too much to remove them. So we compromised and she put them at the bottom of my page. She also made a few up-dates that I do like. To the left you will see a wonderful picture of me, but you will also see a video bar. If you click on the bar, a video will appear at the top of the page. I tried to talk Hana into adding my speach to the bar, but she chose to put up a video about me and Peter instead. She thinks the two of us are sweet. Go figure.

In other news, I have to appologize to all of those who filled out applications for dating Peter. My untimely death, has put me behind in making a final decision. I'm also unsure if I will be able to force my will upon Peter while dead, but we will see how that part goes later.

I will continue to work with Hana and try to convince her to help me with my page, so check back anytime and leave me a message.

As always, Let's make America a better place.

Your Congressman Nathan Petrelli

Monday, May 7, 2007

Nathan's Stalker Here

I was sitting in my chair staring at a picture of Petrelli. It was very difficult to get this photo. Of course my camera battery went dead after I got it and I missed the really good stuff that blackmail opportunities are made of... What happened in that room with Saka, would make a porn star blush. You can go to and find out more about that situation. Anyway, as I was saying, I was staring at a photo of Petrelli and wondering what I could do to torture him today. Then it dawned on me. Nathan is so conceited, he would hate it if I talked about someone else on his blog.... He can be such a pr%$k. After a few hours of comptemplation, I decided Sylar is a pretty good topic. What can I say about him...Unusual...Killer....looks great in high heels. Maybe it would be a good idea to warn Sylar about something.

Sylar, if you're out there, I want you to know if you kill Nathan before I have a chance to snap and do it myself, I will be forced to stalk you instead. I have already browsed through your panty drawer and to prove my point I replaced your panties with boxers. I even went on-line to see if I can find additional information on you for future use. It turns out there is a large proportion of people out there who find you stimulating. Who would have guessed?? Some of these people, are even hoping you will steal Mohinder's heart?? Go figure there too... I guess that accounts for this banner I saw in one of the forums. Did you make this banner?

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


My Fellow Americans:

This is the real Nathan Petrelli. I feel I must say this to you due to the recent activities of my stalker. Fortunately, I am here today with news many of you have expressed an interest in....

I have received much interest from the female population and some interest from the male population about dating my brother, Peter. Well, in spite of what my Mother says, I AM in charge of Peter. Mother may run my life, but I run Peter’s. In short, you have come to the correct person… Conversely, I am sure you can imagine how a family of such wealth and esteem must keep up appearances. Therefore, those of you who have a strong interest will be required to complete the following application. You may complete it and return it to campaign headquarters or you may copy and paste in the comment section.


NOTE: This application will be considered incomplete and rejected unless accompanied by a complete financial statement, job history, driving record, lineage, and current certified medical report (including drug tests) from your doctor.


Name ____________________ Date of birth _________ Sex____
Employment (self employed preferred) _______ Annual Income ___________


1) Family History (i.e.) Parents status in society.
Note: If you don't feel your family history is not strong enough, make sure your annual Income is at least seven figures. _________________________________________

2) How would you be an asset to our family? ____________________________________

3) Do you have a tattoo, an earring, nose ring, or any other odd piercing?_____(If "yes" to any of #3, discontinue application)

4) Would you be willing to take a hit for the team, and give periodic haircuts while Peter is sleeping? _________________________________________________

5) Do you like a man who cries at movies, commercials, and intersections?_______________________________________________________
If your answer is no, proceed at your own risk. You will not be happy in this relationship.)

6) Do you like spending your free time watching a grown man chase butterflies ____________________________________________
If your answer is no, again you are unlikely to be happy in this relationship. You should discontinue the application now.)

7)Are you afraid of spiders or any type of insect? ____If yes, would you be willing to seek help in overcoming this fear? ____________________________________
(If your answer is no to both questions, discontinue application. You must be able to kill bugs for Peter. He scares easily. NO…Super powers have not diminished his fear of bugs.)

8) Do you secretly feel that Nathan is more handsome than Peter?_____________
(If your answer is no, you may discontinue application.)
As you may be aware, Peter is a very sensitive soul. You may think I am picking on my little bro, but this is not the case. I love him very much, and this application is to find the most suitable person to maintain his happiness. So it is with this in mind I must advise you…By submitting this application you are agreeing to the following: You are not permitted to date other people unless Peter is OK with this arrangement. Otherwise, once you begin your relationship with Peter, you will continue in this relationship until he is through with you. If you make him cry, I will not only ruin you financially, I will also ruin your children’s children. ************************************************************

Thank you for your interest. Please allow four to six months for processing. You will be notified in writing if you are approved.

Do you still want to date my brother?
_____ Yes, please accept my application
_____ I um, no, I uh, think I have the wrong web site...

Campaign Photos "Click on the album and then roll the mouse across the picture for captions."