Saturday, January 12, 2008

FYI People

My fellow bloggers and what not... I have a new myspace page. Come check me out and add me.

Friday, November 9, 2007

I'm getting in a program. I know that's what Pete would want.

Hello to all. I haven’t blogged here in a while. I’ve been devoting most of my blog time to the Burnt Toast Diner. I’ve decided, however, that I need to change things around a bit. I’m not the same man I used to be; and I think my blog should reflect these changes. Over the next few weeks, I’ll get around to explaining what has been going on in my life. Until that time, let me catch you up on a few things. Lately, everyone has been commenting on my drinking problem…as if they wouldn’t drink if they lost their only brother in an explosion. Pishh, whatever.

The silver lining for my problem is... I just found out Peter didn’t die after all…It makes my drinking a little pointless. Of course, now I’ve developed this problem with it and even worse than that, I’ve been having extreme moments of emo. I think I was subconsciously channeling Pete…My little Pete. SQUEE!!! He is alive! Muhaaaa. I love the world right now! Naturally, I can’t allow Petey to see me like this, so I’m going to my first AA meeting tonight. If I’m lucky, I’ll run into that saucy vixen Niki, but she just injected herself with a virus (to save me of course) so she may be a too busy to go to do the AA thing. All isn’t lost though. I’ve got my handy name tag to help me connect with people. It’s quite the ice breaker. If I had known there were so many chicks in AA, I would have signed up a long time ago.

Friday, August 24, 2007

My sincerest regrets

Several months have passed and it occurs to me, I have not lived up to a few promises. I was going to blog, participate in a few challenges and the like, but I never quite made it. In fact, I haven't been on the ball with my own blog either. I'm deeply ashamed...sort of...

Really, if you expected more from me, it is your own fault for putting your faith in a politician... Just kidding...sort of...

I don't want to make promises again, but I will try to knock out a few more post before Sept. 29, 2007...not that anything out of the ordinary is happening on that day. You will certainly see no flying or dying or any other mysterious happenings. Nope, everything will be perfectly normal...sort of...

On a side note, if anyone could spare a razor, I'd appreciate it. The new look has been interfering with my ability to pick up chicks.

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

I'm a ghost in purgatory...

My Fellow Heroes:

In my last blog at the Burnt Toast CafĂ©, I told you of my unfortunate demise and my subsequent trial in purgatory. Since my death occurred while performing a selfless act, I did manage to avoid the inferno. However, my questionable past also prevented me from entering Paradise. I did manage to distract myself from my fate by participating in the Last Gladiator Standing competition, but I was voted off earlier this week. At first, I pondered the injustice of it all; but then it occurred to me…My failure at the games may be a part of my overall destiny as a hero.

If memory serves me correctly, Dante had to journey up through the seven levels of purgatory as a means of redemption to enter paradise. I only skimmed that book in college, so I’m not entirely sure… Of course, I’m not trying to enter paradise, at least not yet. I want to go back to earth and try to redeem myself there. Hoping I would find a friendly soul, I looked around my immediate area. Sadly there was no real help to be found, but I did run into a cranky old man. He reminded me of Hot Wheels, my arch nemesis, but he said his name was Cato.

Anyway, Cato interrogated me about how I ended up here, and then informed me he had seen my type before and I would be screaming from the inferno soon enough. I begged him for help, but he would give me none. He did say the last time someone passed through purgatory, they had a spirit guide. He paused when he said this and looked around…Then the little jerk said, “I guess you don’t have one.” (Like I said, he reminded me of Hot Wheels.) Fortunately, what he said did jog my memory. I do remember that Dante had help from the spirit of Virgil on his journey through Purgatory. Virgil was sent by request to aid him, so what I needed was someone to send a spirit to help me. It was then that I decided to say a little prayer, hoping my dear Dad would hear me and send help.

When I opened my eyes, I was standing outside of a thatched hut. As far as the eye could see was beautiful green grass. A nice breeze rolled across the plain shifting the flowers back and forth in front of the window seal. Good old Dad, he really came through for me. I knocked on the door; and after a few minutes, it slowly creaked open. To my surprise, no one was there. I stood motionless for a moment wondering if the spirit in question was invisible. When I called out to ask if anyone was there, I received a sharp rap across my knee caps. I looked down only to find this guy.

After the initial surprise wore off, I said, “Aren’t you the guy who got lucky with Dolly Parton?”
You could have heard a pin drop in the silence that followed my comment. When the spirit (I learned his name is Master Yoda.) finally spoke, he said, “When reach my age- you do, get laid as much-you will not.

To this I could only smile. I leaned forward and assured him, “I’m not judging. I’m just impressed.” I then went on to tell him of my predicament, ending my story by telling him I was glad Dad came through for me and sent me to him. According to Yoda, he was advised by a woman that a visitor would soon arrive. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by that either. I guess there are lots of chicks in heaven who love me and want to see me happy. I did wonder about Dad, but I didn’t get the opportunity to question Master Yoda about him because Master Yoda spoke up and said, “Rest tonight-you must. Tomorrow-begin your journey-you will.”

He also pointed out to me that since I am going in the opposite direction Dante took, I will have to travel through the seven levels of purgatory in the opposite direction. Ironically enough, this meant that I would have to start in the level of purgatory that is portioned off for those who are ruled by lust. I feel a fit of nervous laughter coming…

Stay tuned.

Your loyal public servant

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Nathan Petrelli's Victory Speech:

One of my better speeches.

A landslide! That's what they called it! During my campaign I spoke a lot about family. My mother is here tonight, my wife, and the boys. I'm sorry my brother can't be with us. But I know Peter cares about this city more than anyone. Our father always said we had a responsibility to use what God gave us, to help others, to make a real difference in the world. Pop believed in making the hard choices, for the greater good. So do I. Our children deserve that. They deserve a better future. A future where they don't have to face their fears alone, but can look into the darkness, and find hope. I challenge everyone here to inspire by example. To fight the battle, no matter the cost. The world is sick. It's spinning out of control. But with our help... it can heal. With our love, compassion, and strength. So let's put aside our differences, and embrace our common goals. Let's do it for our children. Let's show them all what we're capable of.

Friday, May 25, 2007

A Msg from your Ghostly Congressman

Those of you who have been keeping track of the Last Gladiator Standing Challenge may already be aware of my new friend Hana. She helped me post to that blog and now she is helping me with this one. My ghostly hands are having trouble typing, and Hana has been a great source of help for me. You can check it out here if you like.

Anyway, Hana has been able to help me get the make-out music off of my site, but she liked the Bushisms too much to remove them. So we compromised and she put them at the bottom of my page. She also made a few up-dates that I do like. To the left you will see a wonderful picture of me, but you will also see a video bar. If you click on the bar, a video will appear at the top of the page. I tried to talk Hana into adding my speach to the bar, but she chose to put up a video about me and Peter instead. She thinks the two of us are sweet. Go figure.

In other news, I have to appologize to all of those who filled out applications for dating Peter. My untimely death, has put me behind in making a final decision. I'm also unsure if I will be able to force my will upon Peter while dead, but we will see how that part goes later.

I will continue to work with Hana and try to convince her to help me with my page, so check back anytime and leave me a message.

As always, Let's make America a better place.

Your Congressman Nathan Petrelli

Monday, May 7, 2007

Nathan's Stalker Here

I was sitting in my chair staring at a picture of Petrelli. It was very difficult to get this photo. Of course my camera battery went dead after I got it and I missed the really good stuff that blackmail opportunities are made of... What happened in that room with Saka, would make a porn star blush. You can go to and find out more about that situation. Anyway, as I was saying, I was staring at a photo of Petrelli and wondering what I could do to torture him today. Then it dawned on me. Nathan is so conceited, he would hate it if I talked about someone else on his blog.... He can be such a pr%$k. After a few hours of comptemplation, I decided Sylar is a pretty good topic. What can I say about him...Unusual...Killer....looks great in high heels. Maybe it would be a good idea to warn Sylar about something.

Sylar, if you're out there, I want you to know if you kill Nathan before I have a chance to snap and do it myself, I will be forced to stalk you instead. I have already browsed through your panty drawer and to prove my point I replaced your panties with boxers. I even went on-line to see if I can find additional information on you for future use. It turns out there is a large proportion of people out there who find you stimulating. Who would have guessed?? Some of these people, are even hoping you will steal Mohinder's heart?? Go figure there too... I guess that accounts for this banner I saw in one of the forums. Did you make this banner?

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